Spellbinder Cover

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1996 (first published) 2008 (republished as omnibus edition)

Published By

Pocket Books (first edition) Simon Pulse (omnibus edition)


ISBN 9781416974505

Publication Order
Preceded by
Daughters of Darkness
Followed by
Dark Angel
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Spellbinder is the third novel in the Night World series by L. J. Smith.


Thea and Blaise are cousins, and witches, and as different as day and night. They even belong to different witch covens, Circle Twilight, for the not-so-wicked-witches and Circle Midnight for the real hellions. 

In fact, Granny Harman, the Witch Leader, often compares them to Hellewise and Maya, the sisters who were the mother of all witches and the very first vampire, respectively. 

However, when Thea breaks the laws of the Night World and falls in love with Eric, an ordinary human boy, she has unexpectedly to rely on the whims of Blaise or both she and Eric are doomed.


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