The Fury
The Fury

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1991 (first published) 2007 (republished as omnibus edition)

Published By

HarperPaperbacks (1991) HarperTeen (2007)


ISBN: 9780062064769

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Struggle
Followed by
Dark Reunion
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The Fury is the third novel in The Vampire Diaries series by L. J. Smith.


Love can kill

Elena: with Damon at her side, and wild with her craving for blood, the changed Elena struggles to control her desires.

Damon: his hunger for the golden girl wars with his hunger for revenge against Stefan.

Stefan: tormented after losing Elena, he will do anything to get her back. Even if it means becoming what he once despised . . .

Getting what they want may come at a deadly cost.


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