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Dark visions the possessed
The Possessed

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1995 (first published)

2009 (republished as omnibus edition)

Published By

Pocket Books (1995 edition)

Simon Pulse (2009 edition)


ISBN-10: 0671874551 (1995 edition)

ISBN-10: 1416989560 (2009 edition)

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Strange Power
Followed by
The Passion

The Possessed is the second novel in the Dark Visions series by L. J. Smith.


Kaitlyn, Anna, Lewis, Rob and Gabriel are now on the run from the Zetes Institute, hoping to find asylum. Kaitlyn soon begins having visions of a specific house situated on a white cliff, deducing that it may help them against Mr. Zetes, although the group has no idea where the house and cliff might be located. However, things begin to darken for the five fugitive psychics as Mr. Zetes sends ethereal creatures - "dark psychics" to deal with his wayward students. Furthermore, Gabriel's dark abilites are finally revealed: he is a psychic vampire, and must regularly feed on human energy to survive. To protect Gabriel, Kaitlyn offers herself as a donor for him, but things become complicated when the two, in spite of Kaitlyn's love for Rob, becoming attracted to one another.


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